The Divine Spirit in Man

by Troy R. Bishop

ON OUR WORLD and in our day, when a person of normal mind makes his or her first moral decision--usually just before the sixth birthday--a divine spirit comes down from Paradise to take up residence in that human mind. No one sees this happen. No outer sign marks its occurrence. But the person is forever changed. The presence of the divine guide imparts to the human a spirit identity in the universe and carries the potential for spirit levels of function and endless existence.

The arrival of this spirit, which The URANTIA Book variously calls the Thought Adjuster, the Father Fragment, the Mystery Monitor, and the Divine Gift, signals the birth of the human soul. The spirit is the father of the new soul, and the material mind is the mother. For the rest of the material life of that human being, the indwelling spirit will be engaged in leading the mortal free will in those spiritual decisions that will further the growth of the soul. During the life in the flesh, the soul is in embryonic form, waiting for its deliverance at physical death. If, at mortal death, the soul has survival potential, it will be delivered to a higher plane for continued existence. If not, it will cease to exist. The decision for or against survival will have been made by the day-to-day aspirations, thoughts, and actions of the indwelt human and can be reversed at any time prior to death.

The Thought Adjuster arrives with a life plan for the human partner already formulated. This is based on the ancestry and mind potential of the individual, who can accept or reject all or any part of the plan. The Thought Adjuster, an entity of the essence of pure divinity, is the factual presence of the Universal Father and is the will of God. The fact of the human mind's irrevocable choice to do the will of the Heavenly Father sooner or later brings about a joining of the human and Adjuster known as Thought Adjuster fusion--an eternal partnership as a new creature, God and man as one. This usually occurs on high, after physical death and subsequent resurrection.

* * *

GOD IS YOUR FATHER and you are his child. This truth, if you believe it with a whole heart, is your eternal salvation. Belief in this gospel always brings about the desire to know God and be like him. Conscious, spirit-led pursuit of this goal brings soul-sustaining growth. It is faith that brings eternal life and faith--living faith--that keeps it.

The great essential for the spirit-led life is sincerity. This is the human contribution to the heavenly quest. Upon this priceless foundation, the spirit can begin to work the wonder of faith. Faith is the switch that causes the universe to respond to the spirit-born sons and daughters of God. A gift from God, faith is a supermaterial reality that no human or animal ever could produce of itself. Even a tiny amount can be used to pray for greater portions.

To live the spirit-led life, one must honestly examine his or her motives in all things. As one learns to perfect his or her motivation, one can direct one's mind to let one's soul assign spiritual values. The human soul is responsive to spiritual truth, just as the human mind is responsive to logical facts. It is the task of the soul to set true and worthy goals and of the mind to find ways to meet those goals. The URANTIA Book tells us that the mind knows facts and the soul feels values.

* * *

COMMUNION AND COOPERATION with the Thought Adjuster is not a particularly conscious process. The initial contacts of the mortal mind with the divine Adjuster can be visualized as similar to two individuals contacting each other by means of notes left in an old-fashioned country mailbox. When the Thought Adjuster has a concept to convey to you, he places it in the mailbox of the superconscious mind. You subsequently open the mailbox and examine its contents. If you have trouble deciphering the note, an understanding of the nature of Adjusters can help you.

We help or hinder communication with our indwelling spirits by the type of thoughts we habitually entertain. If we are unaccustomed to entertaining unselfish thoughts, then the magnificent concepts offered to us by our heavenly indwellers can flash across our minds and out before we can ever begin to take them seriously or even recognize them. We can strengthen our attunement with our spiritual guides by cultivating the habit of seriously entertaining the high thoughts that sometimes enter our minds instead of automatically dismissing them as impractical and not to be taken seriously.

Another way to augment Adjuster leading is through being other-motivated. We are told that kingdom believers become fired with the urge to serve others. In God's universe, the greater ever serves the lesser. The strong serves the weak. God himself serves us all. If you would express God, be a fountain to others as God within is a fountain to you. Freely offer what each person in your presence needs in his or her own way: for one, a friendly ear; for another, loving noninterference. Look upon those you would help not as objects, to whom you would give, but as subjects, who have their own needs and their own selfhood. Through and overspreading it all, let there be love: the love of God.

You can assist your Adjuster in his task of spiritualizing you by always striving to live the highest that you know. Be true to your ideals. But let your ideals include the appreciation of those details of self-tolerance and the laws of growth and readiness that can spell the difference between success and failure. Don't attempt overnight to change everything that you are. This could lead to serious instability. Rather, enshrine truth, beauty, and goodness in your heart and ever try to be true to what you believe in the best way you know. It's not so much what you are as what you long to be that determines your destiny. God invented time, and you should grow in this time that he has given you.

* * *

IF YOU WOULD LET the Thought Adjuster expand your realities, be open to change--to new truth, regardless of its apparent source. No one knows everything; when we think we do, we tend to shut ourselves off from new truths. Jesus said that a stagnant soul is a dying soul. It's not the status of your soul that counts, but its direction of movement. A stationary soul is in danger regardless of its level of development, whereas a soul of minimum development will survive if it is growing--moving Godward. Even a death-bed acceptance of God represents enough soul movement to assure resurrection.

Being spiritual children of God does not mean that we should restrict our lives to spiritual things. The task of your indwelling spirit is to bring you into the entire range of earthly affairs as a part of your conscious attempt to follow the will of God . Growth in the circles of psychic ascension involves balanced development and use of the physical, intellectual, and spiritual endowments: the entire personality. Learn to minister as you pass by, in the routine affairs of life. To a spirit-led child of God, there are no such things as sacred and secular occupations. All things are sacred under the guidance of the divine spirit.

If you would consent to the leading of the divine indweller, you must become God-oriented and God-actuated. Always turn to God for guidance. Practice worshipful problem solving. Include God in your life. Live your faith. Pray. Commune with your Father through the intermediary of your soul, the repository of your innermost values. Be confident that God will participate in the decisions of your life, and be open to the stirring of his influence in your heart. Ask for what you need and know that you will receive it. In life's trying situations, go off alone from men for guidance, knowing that the right course and the strength to follow it will be given to you. Use your highest wisdom in applying the spiritual urgings sent to you from God.

* * *

YOUR FATHER desires that you love your brothers and sisters--his children. Pray for sensitivity to the personhood of others. Pray for their development and spiritual growth. Believe that love is the greatest thing in the universe. Know that you are never alone: God is always with you. Let others know that he is near them. Bring God to each person you meet through your concern, your smile, and your love. Remember that God needs a vessel in order to deliver his love to each of his children. When you love in the name of God, God is there, acting. Learn to recognize the hand of God in your life through the love that accompanies it and through the way that things work out in so many ways when God is involved.

Your Father loves you and wants you to love him as your true spiritual Father. Allow your relationship with the Father to actualize. Know that God is your father. Know that he is the father of everyone you meet. Trust your Father. Learn to love him through what you perceive him to be, intellectually and spiritually. Learn to love him because of his goodness as you increasingly perceive it within yourself. Love him because of his loveliness as it was demonstrated by his Son when he lived on this world.

To grow spiritually, you must recognize the source of your growth. Honor and respect your Thought Adjuster. Be more humble in taking credit for the results of the labors that he performs in your soul. Where spiritual things are concerned, know that of yourself you can do nothing but with God you can do anything. Attempt to cooperate with spiritual forces not for your purposes, but for their purposes--God's purpose. And always follow truth, wherever it may lead.

© 1981 Troy R. Bishop. "The Divine Spirit in Man" may be freely duplicated electronically and transmitted across networks and the Internet if the copyright notice and this permission notice appear on all copies.